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We have been very fortunate to be able to hone our travel skills over the years.  

Over time we ratchetted from day trips, to weekend trips, to week long trips.   We added a variety of overnights from hotels, to camping, to camping and cooking.  Each time developing our kit and figuring out what worked.

1988-bs (before Sharon)

  • Destination – Alaska
  • Bike 1984 Honda Interceptor 500
  • Duration 3 weeks


  • Destination – Italy
  • Rented F1200GS
  • Duration 3 weeks
  • Celebrated our 25th Anniversary


  • Destination – South Carolina
  • 2010 F800GS, 2003 F650GS Single
  • Trailered the bikes to Virginia
  • Duration 2 Weeks
  • Highlights
    • Our youngest Daughter rode as pillion
    • Attended Overland Expo


  • Destination – BC, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Alberta
  • 2010 F800GS, 2003 F650GS
  • Shipped the Bikes to and from Alberta
  • Duration 3 weeks
  • Youngest daughter joined us again for 2 weeks
  • 5700kms


  • Destination – Peru
  • Rented Africa Twin
  • Duration 3 weeks
  • Highlights – Matchu Pichu, Rainbow Mountain, Andes Mountain Ranges


  • Destination – Canada East Coast
  • 2010 F800GS, 2012 F650GS
  • 6500kms
  • Highlights – Cabot Trail, Gaspe Peninsula


  • Our sights are set on exploring with our bikes for a year.  The hope is that the longer time span will relax time pressures.  We hope this will allow for more flexibility in our planning.   To embrace opportunities on our way.  How this works in amidst visa rules, seasons, world conflicts, who knows but this is one of our hopes.


We can often find ourselves longing for different circumstances.  arewehereyet is a reminder to myself to remember to experience and learn in the moment and place that I am in.  As a planner I am often focused on the future and the steps that need to be taken to get there.  That singular focus on the future can rob me from fully appreciating “today”.  Sharon is much better than I at being grateful and present for the simple things.

For us, “Here” is a statement of place, time, and being.  arewehereyet can refer to our physical location or conditions but also our spiritual state of being.  Being present, being aware, being here. 

The bible references God as “I am”.  Not confined to time or space. Wherever we may be, God already is, has been, will be.   God here, a faithful reminder God with us. 

Our logo/sticker has this blessing

We want to embody grace and love to the world as we interact and explore.   Respecting nature as we go, seeing creation reflecting its creator.  Respecting people, deeply loved image bearers.  Experiencing joy and beauty reflected in countries and cultures.    

arewehereyet reflects the ability to experience the now while acknowledging there is more.  More to learn, more to understand.  Where and how will God show up while we are here wherever here is, in what ways, and through what interactions?

 In our travels we hope to heed the call of the prophet Micah to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God. 

Previous Bikes


  • 1997 BMW 650 Funduro
    • Ultimately too tall for Sharon
    • When we eventually sold it, a friend to us that it wasn’t just ugly, “it was effen ugly”
  • 2003 BMW 650 Single
    • Was properly lowered and outfitted with all the travel farkles.
    • Was a much better bike for Sharon to learn on.
    • Bike name – Billie
    • With the vision of longer motorcycle travels I wanted to keep the bikes similar for service and parts so we bought her the 2012 F650GS Twin.  Immediately she noticed a more smoother and powerful ride in the new bike.


  • 1984 Honda Interceptor 500
    • Rode it as an 18 year old from Ontario to Alaska and back over 3 weeks
  • 1986 Honda Interceptor 750
    • Never liked it as much as the more nimble 500cc bike
    • Rode it repeatedly to School in Nashville from Ontario.
  • 1998 Yamaha WR250 Dirt bike
    • Enjoyed trail riding with my teenage son
    • Managed to break my Femur on it when meeting up with a trailside tree.

Sharon’s Bike

  • 2012 BMW F650GS (Twin)
  • Name – Daisy
  • Mods
    • TFX Lowered Shock
    • Lowered Seat
    • Jesse Panniers and Racks
    • Mosko Moto Bags
    • Denali Aux LED lights
    • Denali Powerhub2 Fuse box
    • SW Motech Engine Guards
    • Alt Rider Skid Plate
    • Tool Tube
    • Givi Tool holder with Custom Mount
    • Givi Windscreen
    • Alt Rider Top rack
    • Touratech Folding Mirrors
    • Quad Lock Phone Holder

Doug’s Bike

  • 2010 BMW F800GS
  • Bought with 50K kms and as of Spring ’22 has 102K kms
  • I enjoy bombing the back roads and trails.  I have participated in numerous BMW GS challenges to further exercise and develop my Adventure riding skills.
  • Mods
    • Tractive Shock
    • Jesse Panniers and Racks
    • Mosko Moto Bags
    • Denali Aux LED lights
    • Denali Powerhub2 Fuse box
    • Outex Tubeless Kit (Rear)
    • SW Motech Engine Guards
    • Black Dog Cycle Works Skid Plate
    • Tool Tube
    • Givi Tool holder with Custom Mount
    • Givi Windscreen
    • Alt Rider Top rack
    • Touratech Folding Mirrors
    • Renazco Seat
    • Garmin Zumo XT GPS
    • Quad lock Phone holder

About Doug

I’m a project oriented person and enjoy the learning curve of new skills.  For 20 years I have been a technical project manager in the Audio Visual and Lighting field.  I like to build things and I have enjoyed working on challenging and diverse projects ranging from concert halls, stadiums, and even lighting Toronto’s CN Tower.  I now design AV systems for cinematic attractions in the theme park industry. 

I continue to work at how to be a better husband, father, and friend.  I have been very fortunate to have a “delightful” wife, great kids, and honest and supportive friends.

I’m looking forward to traveling for an extended time on motorcycles.  I reflect back to a Horizons Unlimited event that we once attended.  A drunken single man slurred to me how fortunate I was to have a wife willing to ride her own bike with me.  He is right and I appreciate that after 30 year of marriage Sharon’s willingness to explore this incredible world together.  This opportunity will come no doubt with its share of challenges and negotiations but we believe that we can be flexible and open to the experiences.

About Sharon

Born and raised in Ontario.  I love travel and am a reluctant rider.  I often feel I should be cooler to hold the moniker of motorcyclist.  I’m usually content and can get by with the simple things in life.  I tell people I’m delightful and most of the time that’s true.   If it’s not you should probably feed me or wait until I’ve had a good night of sleep to rediscover that. 

I come from a background of Early Childhood Education, was a stay at home parent and then entered back into the work force in the fitness industry.  I’m happy on a yoga mat and by the water.  I love discovering unexpected auto/bike races, parades, and discoveries in our travels.  I hope to do more of  that, experiencing joy in the journey.